Clinic Tour

  • Reception & Waiting Room


    The front office, reception & waiting room areas are designed for an easy flow of patients & their owners in & out of the clinic. This is also where many of our large animal clients seek advice for farm matters.

    The reception has all the over the counter products such as worming & heartworm medications, flea and tick control products, & various merchandising items. 

    The waiting room area has recently been renovated to include several notice board areas for client information. The clinic also has a large front lawn area for larger patients to wait their turn once they have booked in for consultation.

  • Consultation Rooms


    There are 3 consultation rooms designed specifically to allow easy movement for pets & their owners through the clinic. All 3 rooms have front & back access so saying goodbye to your pet when there is a hospital stay necessary is made as comfortable as possible.

    These are the work areas of the clinic where all medical cases are reviewed & surgical patients are admitted. They each contain a full array of opthalmic & otoscopic equipment allowing intricate diagnostics as well as each room boasting a wall mounted Ipad with specialist veterinary software to aid us in explaining disease processes with a huge cataloge of diagrams and pictures.

  • Treatment Room


    MVVS clinic is based around the treatment room. It is a large open area with multiple specialised tables for specific tasks. During the day it is the busiest place in the clinic with up to 12 staff working there on several animals at any one time.

    All areas of the clinic are accessible from the treatment room allowing patients to be moved from the consult rooms, in & out of hospital, to radiology, to wet & dry treatment tables, to theatre or have samples assessed in the lab.

    The treatment room has two portable fully equipped inhalation anaesthetic machine with pulse oximetry & a gas scavenger system. This means that anaesthetised patients are always under the best possible care and monitoring equipment.

    The treatment room contains our two IM3 dental units which are the latest in small animal dentistry. They allows ultrasonic descaling, polishing & high speed drilling allowing our team to perform the highest standard in animal dentistry.

    The Radiology (X-Ray) facilities in the treatment room include a specially designed radiology table. The clinic has its own digital X-Ray unit The digital processing has allowed us to wave goodbye to the darkroom and chemicals and makes the X-Ray films available ready to be viewed within seconds of exposure.The digital xrays allow us to show you the images on the ipads in our consult rooms as well as allowing us to email them to you or to specialist radiologists instantaneously if a second opinion is required (no more waiting for the postman!!).

    Our state of the art ultrasound machine allows us to take a non-invasive look inside your pet and is especially useful in diagnosing and monitoring cardiac disease and complex abdnominal cases. The machine allows us to save images to show you and help you understand what is going on with your pet.

    The fiberoptic endoscope has its own monitor & procedures are recorded so as they can be played back to the owner to help understand their animals diagnosed condition.

  • Laboratory


    The Clinic has its own laboratory which is located adjacent to the treatment room divided by a large window. Pathology is available in house which allows us quick access to important information in critical patients including haematology and biochemistry. The in house pathology also allows us to perform blood tests to check on patient health before undergoing general anaesthesia or to run routine checks on our older patients.

    There are microscopes, centrifuges as well as a diagnostic staining area to assist the veterinary staff in assesing skin and ear complaints as well as lumps, bumps and blood smears.

  • Operating Theatre


    The surgical theatre is adjacent the treatment room & can be viewed through the large glass window. Every part of the room is designed for patient safety & comfort.

    The centre of the room is the operating table which is state of the art. It is heated to whatever temperature the surgery team thinks is appropriate for the surgical patient & procedure. The inhalation anaesthetic machine uses an anaesthetic agent known as isolfluorane which is one of the safest inhalation anaesthetic available. Our state of the art anaesthetic monitoring machine allows our nurses to monitor heart rate & blood oxygen levels, as well as ECG, blood pressure, CO2 levels and temperature continually while the patient is in the theatre making patient monitoring easily recordable.

    Every animal that comes to theatre at MVVS has intravenous fluids during surgery as well as pain relief throughout and into recovery. It’s all part of providing the safest & best surgical service for our patients.

  • Cat & Dog Hospitals



    The seperate cat & dog hospitals are specifically designed to provide patient comfort. The rooms are individually air conditioned & there sound proof design allows the ideal environment when an overnight stay is necessary. The hospital wards are equipped with 3 computerised intravenous fluid pumps, custom made stainless steel cages and boast hygienic surfaces and excellent patient comfort.

  • Equine Facilities

    The clinic has an area dedicated to equine patient diagnostics. The area is used primarily for equine dentistry using the powerfloat system, lameness examinations, radiographs & ultrasounds. There is an unloading ramp for clients with horse trucks and an area to unload their horse floats.

  • Car Parking

    The car park is accessible from Verges Lane (behind MVVS) which allows clients off the street parking and a safe environment to unload their pets from the car. Cement walkways then connect our patients & their owners directly to the front door.

  • Vet Room


    The veterinary staff have a large office. Each veterinarian has a workstation with high speed internet connections keeping the latest information & technology at their fingertips. The spacious layout gives the vets the opportunity to spend time following up their caseload with patients owners.

    The large room also has an audiovisual display area for meetings, clinical discussions & information evenings which allow our vets to participate in continuing education to keep them up to date with the latest medical and surgical developments.

  • Staff Room

    The staffroom is a place for the staff to get away from the action and relax!

  • Upstairs Offices


    Upstairs at MVVS are 2 large offices & a kids lounge for any staff members who need to have their kids dropped in at work for short periods. The crèche has TV, DVD & tables for any homework while the kids wait for mum or Dad to finish their shifts.

    Andrew’s Office occupies one of the rooms allowing time away from the busy areas downstairs to concentrate on Managing the Practice. The other office contains all sorts of records, radiographs & a communications centre that drives the phones, faxes, internet & computer networking.

  • South West Rocks Branch Clinic


    The branch clinic at South West Rocks is staffed by a veterinary nurse Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm, and a veterinarian is available by appointment Monday though Friday.

    The clinic has full consultation facilities including our Ipad display and application as well as catering for over the counter animal health product sales. All hospital & surgical patients are referred to the main clinic in Kempsey.

  •  Mid North Coast Equine Reproduction Centre


    Our Equine Reproduction Centre – Mid North Coast Equine Reproduction Centre (MERC) is located at Hampden Hall on 50 acres of improved pasture. The centre is custom designed and purpose built facility specifically as an equine reproduction centre. It houses a resident herd consisting of at least 50 recipient mares that are available for embryo transfer programs. There is a modern well equipped laboratory, adjacent to multiple breeding crushes and over 40 day yards to efficiently manage the massive workload experienced during the breeding centre.

    Andrew Bennett personally manages the equine centre and prides himself on keeping his horse owners well informed on the latest techniques, up to date with their horses progress and most of all providing the best possible results from their breeding programs. MERC is committed to personal care for all horses agisted at the property for any purpose. They are all hand fed daily as well as being able to graze on the lush green pastures at Hampden Hall.

    MERC caters for all aspects of Equine reproduction including:

    • Routine fertility examinations
    • Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis
    • Preparation for Natural Breeding
    • Artificial Insemination Programs with Chilled and Frozen Semen
    • Embryo Transfer programs
    • Stallion semen collection for both chilled and frozen semen
    • Stallion agistment
    • Reproductive Problem Breeder Investigations and management