Our Vets

Andrew Bennett BVSc

Andrew started in the practice as a work experience student in 1985. After graduation he started work for David Simon in 1991 and after an overseas working holiday rejoined the pactice and became a partner in 1996. Bennett & Simon was the new Practice and nothing changed with David and Andrew working hard to service the veterinary needs of the valley. After David left the Practice in March 2001 Andrew & his wife Karen became owners of Macleay Valley Vets. Mitch Edwards was welcomed as a director of MVVS in 2013 and the two have continued to run the Practice until current time.

Andrew now runs MERC (Mid North Coast Equine Reproduction Centre) and works exclusively in equine reproduction at the centre. Breeding horses was once his hobby and now is more than an addiction but a way of life with days off rare for half the year round.

Andrew balances breeding season with some time away with family and farming during autumn & winter. He is rarely spotted in the clinic these days!!

Andrew is stil a very proud owner of Macleay Valley Vets and along with Mitch he is imensely proud of the high level of veterinary practice 

Mitchell Edwards BVSc

Mitch started at MVVS in January 2005. He grew up surfing the beaches of "the shire" at cronulla, and regularly camped at crescent head whilst growing up. After a month long surfing holiday/internship at MVVS in his final year at the University of Sydney he decided to move to the area and has been here ever since. He is an Australian Stud Book registered veterinarian and enjoys working with both small and large animals. Mitch has performed a year of post graduate study concentrating on opthalmology and he performs the majority of the delicate eye surgery and management of ongoing eye complaints.

Mitch and his wife Nicole went into partnership with Andrew and Karen in 2013 and are looking forward to this next phase in the development of Macleay Valley Veterinary Services

In his spare time Mitch enjoys playing with his kids at the beach, windsurfing, water skiing and surfing. Mitch is known to the staff as "Storm boy", following his desperate, but sadly futile attempts to save a stranded whale at Grassy Head.

Shae Sullivan BVSc

Shae started working here at MVVS in January 09. Shae completed her degree at the University of Sydney. Shae grew up in Coffs Harbour where her family is heavily involved in the thoroughbred racing industry. 

Shae completed her PennHip registration in 2011, and can now perform radiographs to be analysed by Pennsylvania state University. This information is compared to their database on canine hip dysplasia and gives the most accurate information on breed selection to minimise this crippling disease.

In 2013 Shae completed a years post graduate study in Ultrasonography to fine tune her already impressive skill with this non-invasive imaging modality. This will help all of our patients, most particularly those with abdominal complaints and allow us to better manage dogs and cats with ongoing heart disease

 Shae and her husband Tim spend their spare time on the farm with their kids and their two cheeky rescue dogs, MacGyver and Mish.



Emily Suann BVBiol/BVSc

Em started working at MVVS in mid 2017 after completing her veterinary degree at Charles Sturt uni, Wagga. Being the daughter of an equine veterinarian he has grown up experiencing all things veterinary.

Em grew up in Cronulla, and was instantly given a job when she told Mitch she was a die hard Sharks supporter (much to Andrews disgust). With the fantastic beaches in the area and the new roof racks we put on her car it didn't take long for the Macleay Valley to feel like home.

Em enjoys all aspects of mixed practice but has a particular interest in equine practice (especially racing thoroughbreds) having spent most of her life around them with her Dad. Em is looking at doing further study in equine dentisty in 2018 which will ease some of the load on Shae who is our other further qualified Dental Vet.

William Hawker BVSc

Will graduated from the University of Sydney in 2012, however he took an extended holiday and started work here at MVVS in February 2013, just in time to see his first big flood.

Will grew up in Terrey Hills riding horses and doing cattle work with his uncle who is a Vet in Young. Will enjoys all areas of mixed practice but enjoys getting out on the road to soak up the sun in the paddock with the cattle.

Will took a year off in 2016 and went hiking around the mountains of Canada trying to avoid being eaten by bears (a ridiculous concern as he is far to skinny to fill up a bear!) and washing dishes in a vietnamese noodle bar. It was during his break that he decided he had an interest in small animal surgery (not washing chopsticks). In 2017 he has completed post graduate study in small animal surgery and will sit his membership exams in 2018.

Will has a keen interest in backyard poultry and is often seen on the side of SWR road tending to his chickens, "Liam Hensworth", Ricky Fowler" and "Morgan Free(range chicken)man". He has recently added a goose "Ryan Gosling" to his brood after it was brought into the clinic abandoned and unable to walk and he nursed it back to health.

Outside of MVVS Will is a keen water skier and also enjoys playing touch football for the mudcrabs.



Jessica Dalton BVBiol/BVSc

JD started work here at MVVS in August 2013 after finishing her study at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. JD loves her cattle and horse work but enjoys all aspects of mixed animal practice.

Jess is originally from Binya on the Riverina in NSW, where her family run an extensive cattle, sheep and cropping property. Jess is enjoying herself on the coast, and is usually spotted down at Crescent Head surfing with her fiance Dave on her days off. An accomplished rower she has joined the Crescent Head surf boat team which won the Mid North Coast title in 2013/14.


Joel Morrison BVSc

Joel originally hails from one of the small islands across the ditch (as you can tell by his accent) but spent 5 years at the University of Sydney. Growing up with a father who is a vet has meant a wealth of experience to all things veterinary.

Joel joined the team at MVVS in January 2016, seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and over-crowded beaches.

Since starting work, Joel has developed an interest in reptile and avian medicine; however, being bought up in rural NZ he thoroughly enjoys working with farm animals.

You may see Joel playing for the Kempsey Cannonballs when he’s not working, and if the weather allows he’ll likely be enjoying the local beaches or hiking through one of the national parks of the mid-north.