Fee Summary

Standard Mare Breeding Program $800 per cycle

Embryo Transfer Programs: Breed $800 per cycle, Flush $600 per flush, Transfer $500 per embryo, Recip lease $2900.

Stallion Collection for shipment $345 plus freight


         - $24 per day mares

         - $36 per day mares in their own pens

         - $36 per day for stallions

         - Stallion Collection for Freezing (Domestic or International) - POA


Fee Explanations

Standard Mare Breeding Programs (Natural or AI)

  • Fees - $800 per cycle (Inclusive of GST)
  • MERC invoices breeding cycles at a flat rate per cycle. While different to most breeding centres flat rate billing allows clients to budget prior to entering into breeding programs. It allows use of as many scans, medications, & treatments as are required for the best possible result. Regardless of how many days the mare is in season for, the rate of devlopment of her follicle, or the number of scans required during her AI prgram, the breeding fee remains the same.
  • Price includes all drugs used in a standard preparation, ultrasound examinations throughout the oestrus cycle as required, insemination or live cover, post insemination treatments and procedures as required, 16 day pregnancy scan and 45 day pregnancy day scan.
  • The same fee applies for Frozen, Chilled, Fresh semen insemination and Natural Prepaaration & Service.
  • GST also included.
  • The fee does not include:
    • Mare Agistment ($24 per mare per day)
    • Semen collection or freight.
    • Twin pregnancy manipualtions if required
  • Price is charged on a per cycle basis irrespective of result.
  • All communications with the stallion owners and the stallion's collection vet are taken care of to make the process as easy as possible for the mare owner.
  • Mare owners need to confirm their stud booking with their chosen stallion then complete a “MARE BOOKING FORM” which can be found at our website
  • Fees - $800 per cycle (Inclusive of GST) is payable before or at the time of mare admission to MERC.

Embryo Transfer Programs

  • $5000 deposit per program.
  • Invoicing breakdown
    • Prepartion & Insemination or Live cover or Donor Mare. (Incl. drugs and procedures) $800 per cycle.
    • Preparation and selection of MERC recipients for the embryo. No charge
    • Preparation of clients own recipient.($300-600)
    • Embryo Flush of Donor Mare $600
    • Embryo Preparation for Transfer $500
    • Embryo Transfer into Recipient Mare $2900
    • Recipient mare agistment until day 35 of gestation as well as weekly pregnancy scans
    • GST also included.
  • The fee does not include
    • Transfer of twin embryos or the lease of a second mare in the case of twin transfers being successful.
    • Donor Mare agistment $24 per day

Recipient Mare Rental

  • $2900
  • It includes use of the recipient mare while pregnant and lactating.
  • It also includes weekly ultrasound examinations, all treatments, routine care and agistment up to for the first 35 days of gestation
  • Transport of the mare after 35 days and return transport costs are not included and will be the responsibility of the foal owner.
  • Agistment beyond 35 day gestation is at $24 per day.
  • Mare is to be returned to MERC after weaning the foal
  • It is expected that the mare will receive regular worming, vaccinations as required and hoof care while on rental at the expense of the foal owner.
  • GST also included.

Stallion Collection for Chilled Semen AI

  • Price includes provision of a jump mare for collection, collection of the stallion’s semen, semen extender, professional processing the semen and preparation for shipment of a single inseminatory dose of chilled semen, semen shipper hire, and next day quality assurance testing of shipped samples.
  • Price is per shipped dose of semen and irrespective of how many collections are required to make up that shipment or of how many shipments are processed per collection.
  • Mare owners need to book at least 7 days in advance of beginning breeding programs by completing our online “STALLION BOOKING FORM”. The form can be found on the website This includes freight details to allow a freight quote to be prepared.
  • Freight is in addition to fees and will be quoted and organised using MERC chosen Freight Company for the delivery area.
  • Full payment including freight must be received before collection
  • Fees
    • Single dose semen shipment $345 (plus freight)
    • Short Notice Chilled semen Collection (no booking received prior to day of collection) $600
    • Freight – varies depending on delivery address.

Stallion Collection and Freezing (For Use in Australia)

  • Price includes provision of a jump mare for collection, collection of the stallion’s semen, semen extender, professional processing the semen and freezing, thawing and motility assessments of each collection.
    • The number of doses able to be frozen per collection varies between stallions.
    • These fees apply to freezing semen for domestic use only. Freezing for export has different rates depending on country of export and are available on application.
    • It is normal that the first few collections will not result in stored doses but rather be used to assess stallion freezability and compatibility with freezing techniques. These are charged at a diffrenet rate.
    • Fees
      •  $450 per collection
      • Straw printing is additional
      • Freezing extender is additional
      • Over the past 3 seasons the cost per dose of frozen semen has ranged between $60 and $110 per dose depending on the stallions ejaculate qualities. This is not set and is dependant on the inidiviual stallion but is here to give stallion owners a guide to cost. 

Hendra Virus

  • MERC recommends all horses agisted at MERC have current Hendra vaccination status
  • Unvaccinated mares are accepted at MERC but in the unlikely event of a hendra case at MERC or on a neighbouring property, those horses that are not protected may be quarantined by the government departments that manage these situations. Agistement during this time would be at the horse owners exepnse.
  • Horses that are not vaccinated may be vaccinated on arrival at the request of the owners & a cost of $130 plus $45 for microchipping