Mare Insemination

The process of inseminating a mare involves timing the delivery of the semen to the mare’s oviduct to coincide with the best time to maximize conception. Whether it is a natural service (Stallion serving the mare) or insemination with chilled or frozen semen the same principals apply.

Mares are prepared by monitoring their ovarian cycle through their “heat” or estrus period. During this time they grow and eventually ovulate a follicle from their ovary. The ovum released at ovulation is then fertilized by semen in the mare’s oviduct to form the embryo.


MERC aims to maximize the success of each insemination or natural service by managing the mare’s cycle and the insemination time to best suit the particular needs of the breeding program of an individual mare.

MERC also offers breeding services for mares that have been problem breeders. These mares are admitted and examined and specific programs put in place to correct problems and improve fertility.

Mare owners need to select their stallion and book in with MERC by using the online mare booking form. After this is done, Andrew will take care of the rest. He manages the mare, organises freight and collection of semen, inseminates the mare at the appropriate time, and checks that the mare ends her cycle in the best possible shape to conceive. The follow up pregnancy scans at 16 & 45 days are also organised for you and all part of a set fee for breeding the mare.

Routine Breeding Fees. (Inclusive of GST). Include all scans, ovulatory drugs, insemination, post insemination treatments & preg scans. Prices do not vary with number of scans or drugs used in a cycle but are set so our clients know what to budget for prior to commencement of their breeding program. Additional costs for a mare owner which are external to MERC are semen collection and semen freight depending on their breeding contracts.

  • Insemination - $800 per cycle. (Chilled, Frozen, or Fresh Semen or preparation for natural service). Includes GST.
  • Agistment - $24 per day, per mare
  • Problem Mares – prices vary depending on assessment.
  • Navigate to the MERC Fees tab to see a full breakdown of fees and inclusions.