Additional Information

It is understood that:

  • All necessary treatments will be performed to attain the above purpose at the owner’s expense
  • Success cannot be guaranteed but the veterinary staff will do their best to achieve a satisfactory result in as shorter time as possible
  • Positive results cannot be guaranteed. Macleay Valley Vets can accept no responsibility for the quality of semen, or its disease or genetic status
  • The mare will be kept in the facilities as seen by the owner or owner’s agent who has had the opportunity to assess these facilities as a safe environment for the mare.
  • Mares will be agisted together in the paddocks provided. This is a natural environment in which accident or injury may occur. Any treatments required for any such injury will be at the mare owner’s expense.
  • Mares will be placed in a crush and examined internally. This involves a small but finite risk of injury, infertility or death.
  • Reproductive hormones, sedatives and relaxants will be used at the veterinarian’s discretion and at the mare owner’s expense.
  • In the event of mishap or illness the veterinary staff will attempt to contact the owner immediately. If the owner cannot be contacted with regard treatment options then the vet will perform whatever treatment is deemed necessary at the expense of the mare owner.

Mare Information

Prior to arrival

MERC does accept horses that havent been vaccinated against HENDRA Virus. However it is recomnmended and unvaccinated horses have the option to be vaccinated on arrival. In the unlikely event of a hendra case on or near MERC then unvaccinated animals will be quarantined and agistment will be at the cost of the owner.

Please remove hind shoes from mares before arrival. For the safety of other mares, only mares without hind shoes are admitted.

Financial arrangements prior to arrival:

It is important that you have your financial arrangements with:

  • The stallion owners finalised.
  • The stallion collection vets

MERC fees - This should be pre-paid at the clinic PRIOR TO THE MARE’S ARRIVAL at MERC

  • $800 per cycle for Insemination or natural service
  • $5000 per Embryo program
  • Unfortunately no mares will be accepted at the Centre unless the deposits are paid. Payment can be made at the Belgrave Street Clinic in Kempsey or by Direct Deposit to the following account -

Macleay Valley Veterinary Services Pty Ltd

BSB 062 560 AC 1046 9645

Clearly mark it with your Surname please. 


The Equine Centre property address is 104 South West Rocks Rd. It can be best found by following the South West Rocks signs through East Kempsey, once you pass the 80km/hr zone signs, it is exactly 1.04km on the right hand side. The driveway is the first one on the right over the brow of the first hill. The Driveway has a wooden entryway and the driveway is lined with tall pine trees.

The Equine centre is to the right of the house at the top of the drive where there is plenty of room to turn around. Please avoid driving on the grass. There are roadways that are wet weather proof for heavy vehicles and there is a double unloading crush for trucks as well as a float unloading area suitable for mares and foals. Access for all horses is via the unloading area.

After Admission

Your mare will be fed and given time to settle in her own feed pen. After all the new mares have had time to settle the mares are let out together into their paddock. Dry mares run in one paddock and mares and foals are in a separate paddock. The embryo recipient herds run in separate paddocks. All paddocks access the yards and mares are fed in individual pens at least once a day.

The paddocks are not electrified, but have 4 plain wire fence with a white sight wire on the top. While we have not had a major injury, it is always possible when mares run together so you need to be comfortable with the environment for your mare. Treatment for any injuries will be at the mare owner’s expense.

Any overly aggressive mares or mares that won’t settle in the facility will be sent home and will need to be transported in each morning.

Your mare will stay until her cycle is completed and then go home, returning for her pregnancy test at approximately 16-18 days.

During your mare’s cycle all possible resources will be used to achieve successful outcomes. Extra procedures will be taken if indicated and will be additional to basic invoiced charges. MERC aims for the best possible chance of successful pregnancy and is committed to using the best possible techniques to achieve this aim.


Every effort will be made to ensure that semen is ordered and freighted to arrive on time and in good condition. Unfortunately MVVS cannot be responsible for freight and the condition which insemination doses arrive. In the case of unsatisfactory quality of insemination due to freight or stud complications all costs associated are the responsibility of the mare owner.