Additional Information

Stallion collection, semen processing and freight is dependent on co-ordination between mare owners, stallion owners and vets at both ends as well as co-operation of freight companies. In order to maximize our chances of success clear communication is essential. At The Mid North Coast Equine Centre our stallions have to be transported in for collections and semen packed and processed by lunchtime to meet overnight freight deadlines. Please contact me with any enquiries before programming your mare as miscommunication lets everyone down.

To order a collection

  1. Complete the booking form and submit before mare is in season.
  2. A freight quote will then be emailed to you.
  3. Pre-pay or provide credit card details ($345 plus freight)
  4. Phone 0429 329 097 before 9am on the morning that collection is required. Collection and freight will be for insemination the following day.

Collection and freight is available Monday to Thursday unless prior arrangements have been made


Payment will be taken from the credit card provided before shipment. Direct deposits must be made so that the transfer is complete before shipment. Semen will not be shipped without payment and this is the responsibility of the mare owner.
Account details for direct debit are:
Macleay Valley Vets – BSB 062560 AC NO. 1046 9645

Costs will be $345 plus freight which will be quoted after booking form is received.


MERC normal freight is with TOLL overnight and is available from Monday-Thursday. If there are alternate freight arrangements these can be made by the mare owner with the pick-up address being: 104 SOUTH WEST ROCKS ROAD HAMPDEN HALL 2440.

Overnight freight will be pre-quoted and organized BEFORE the mare is brought into season. This will be to the nearest location to which overnight freight is available.
We take no responsibility for freight once the consignment has left our equine centre. A consignment note will be provided so the mare owner can track their shipment.


Andrew Bennett - 0429 329 097 (Daylight hours please)
or email -