Stallion Collection

MERC collects several stallions on a routine basis for chilled semen insemination. Stallions are either housed at MERC or walked on daily as required for collection.


Stallions are teased and then collected using an artificial vagina, before the ejaculate is examined and then processed into inseminatory doses. The semen is then extended and packed for daily overnight freight to the mare breeder.


Timing and freight are the two most limiting factors in any breeding program. MERC has a proven system to try and eliminate all possible areas of failure with collection and freight of semen and hence maximize conception rates. Mare owners book in for a semen collection by completing a Stallion booking form online. Freight routes and quotes are then organised and paperwork prepared so that when the mare is in season things are organised.

To book in with MERC for a semen collection complete a Stallion booking form online before the mare comes into season. After this is done, Andrew will take care of the rest. He will organise freight quotes and timing and confirm the booking. On the day of collection, the order is then made by phone before 9am and the semen will arrive the following day ready for insemination.

Collection Fees. (Inclusive of GST).

  • Semen Collection, processing and extension $345
  • Overnight Freight $ Quoted depending on delivery address.
  • Navigate to the MERC Fees tab to see a full breakdown of fees and inclusions.