Small Animal Diagnostic Services

We are well equipped to provide the best in medical care and diagnostic testing. We have access to some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment, which include:

Digital X-Ray

We have highly trained and experienced radiologists on our staff and offer a wide range of radiological services. X-rays are a very useful and non-invasive way of diagnosing problems in your pet. We are able to do plain X-rays and contrast X-rays such as barium swallows to aid in complex cases. We can perform hip and elbow soring X-rays for any of the Australian HD and Elbow schemes as well as PennHip scoring.



We have experienced ultrasonographers available who have completed 12 months extra study with this imaging modality and can offer a wide range of ultrasound services. Ultrasound is a sensitive and non-invasive way of diagnosing many conditions and can be used to obtain biopsies without going to surgery. We perform pregnancy ultrasounds (from 28 days), full abdominal ultrasounds and cardiac ultrasounds.


Video Otoscope

We are pleased to be able to offer our patients the benefit of  a video otoscope, this piece of technology allows us a magnified view inside your pets ear to ease identification of disease processes. It is also equipped with a still camera which allows us to take photos to send to specialists if required and also to show you what is going on in the ear canal.


Pathology Services

The hospital has a fully equipped pathology laboratory and most routine pathology and blood testing can be performed in house on the same day. This ability to rapidly reach a diagnosis is extremely important in getting your pet quick and effective treatment. For other tests, a daily courier service ensures a quick turnaround time.



The clinic has two specialised  state of the art  dental units with suction, ultrasonic descaler, low speed polishing cup and an LED illuminated pneumatic dental drill the same as used by human dentists to allow complex extraction of large rooted molar teeth. Dental procedures are performed under a general anaesthesia and monitored by our trained staff.


Surgery & Anaesthesia

Our clinic has two portable inhalational anaesthetic machines for use in the treatment area for dentistry, radiology and other minor procedures. The dedicated surgery is fitted with an inhalation anaesthetic machine as well as a top-of-the-line anaesthetic monitoring machine which measures oxygen saturation, heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, body temperature and CO2 output to name a few. The surgical table features a multi functional electrically operated platform that has controlled heating to maximise patient care.



We are pleased to be able to offer the benefit of specialised ophthalmology equipment such as a tonopen which allows very accurate pressure measurement’s for disease diagnosis and management as well as a special opthalmoscope called a panoptic which allows a larger field of view to look at your pets retina. Mitch has a special interest in ophthalmology and has performed 12 months extra study in this area to improve his diagnostic and surgical skills in this area and is comfortable performing more advanced surgeries if referral to a specialist is not an option.


CT and MRI Access

This exciting imaging modality allows in depth analysis of complex spinal and intracranial disease and also allows viewing of other confined spaces such as the nasal cavity. These machines are unfortunately out of our price range at close to 1 million dollars but we have close working relationships with specialist clinics in Sydney, Brisbane and Tamworth who can perform these non-invasive procedures on our patients.