General Small Animal Services


To provide the best service to you and your pet, we request that you please make an appointment prior to arriving to the hospital. This will likely minimise any waiting time and additionally allow our staff to prepare for any emergencies that may present. We do offer 24-hour emergency service seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Our companion animals age much faster than us, on average seven times faster than humans. As such it is important to have regular health checks throughout their life to ensure any conditions can be picked up quickly and treated sooner rather than later. We recommend that as a minimum your animal receives a health check every 12 months. 


Your vet will discuss your animal's lifestyle and guide you to the most appropriate vaccination program for their individual needs. At the time of vaccination, we can also discuss options for parasite prevention - with deadly paralysis tick and heartworm found in the Macleay Valley.

House Calls

If you require a house call during normal hours, please phone in advance and the receptionist will organise a time for you. Unfortunately, for legal and insurance reasons, our staff are not permitted to make after-hours house calls.

After Hours Calls

If you require emergency out of hours assistance we run a 24/7 service where you can contact a vet for phone assistance and emergency consultation if required.

Fees for Services

MVVS aims to offer you the very best personal and professional service. We work hard to ensure that our techniques, equipment and treatment protocols are the best possible for your pet. Our fees are set in order for our clinic to provide the equipment, staff and facilities that you expect for your animal. Our staff are also pet owners and we are always mindful of the cost of quality pet care. Our consultation protocol is to discuss all fees and treatment alternatives with clients and allowing you to elect the treatment option that is best for your current financial situation. 


We provide you with a clear estimate of the costs likely to be involved with the treatment of your pet before we commence and keep you up to date with these costs if things change. Accounts are itemised and are payable at the time of examination or on discharge of a patient. For your convenience we accept payment in cash, credit card and EFTPOS.

For expensive medical and surgical procedures we can offer application for payment plans through a company called VetPay. VetPay specialise in offering credit for veterinary care which is paid in fortnightly instalments over up to a 12 month period.

Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Preschool is a fun and relaxed course designed to help teach owners of very young puppies between the age of 6 and 16 weeks of age how to train their new puppy to be an enjoyable member of the family and the community. 

The course covers basic training commands using positive reinforcement or reward to teach sit, come when called, stay and drop. Each week different health issues are discussed such as when to worm, vaccinations, desexing, microchipping, what food requirements are needed and companion animal law requirements. Participants are shown how to check their puppies over. This gets the puppy used to being examined and so they know what is normal and what may need veterinary attention.

Owners, including kids, have a great time at the 3 classes and puppies get to play and socialize with different people and puppies outside their normal environment. At completion of the course all the puppies receive a Graduation Certificate and parcel full of goodies and information.

Please contact Cath at the clinic to arrange a booking, by calling 02 6562 7391.

Pocket Vet App

Find our clinic on Pocket Vet App which is available for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. This app allows you to enter all of your pets’ details as well as setting reminders for your pets vaccinations, worming, flea and tick treatments.

Not only that but when you set us as your vet it has all our emergency contact details at your fingertips and allows us to send you tick alerts, snake alerts and other pet health warnings

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is becoming more and more popular in Australia. It offers you peace of mind as it covers some or all of the treatment costs if your pet was ever involved in an accident or suffers a sudden illness. There is no equivalent of Medicare for pets, thus often treatment costs exceed what an equivalent problem would cost for a human patient.

Some surgeries such as repair of fractured bones or ligaments can add up to thousands of dollars and extended hospital stays for intensive medical treatment such as severe tick paralysis can be similarly expensive. It is a heartbreaking situation to have to choose between the health of your pet and financial constraints, so for peace of mind we strongly recommend that you consider pet insurance.

There are several companies that offer pet insurance and we have resources available to help you find one that best suits your needs and your pet.

What does pet insurance cover?

Individual packages vary in the type of treatment covered. However, they usually include most accidents and unexpected illnesses.

You need to consider the differences between policies, in particular the claim excess amount, proportion of treatment costs covered, annual claim limit, age restrictions, pre-existing illness exclusions and policy costs.

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